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What Does an iPhone X Have to Do With Hungry Seniors?


October 9, 2017

In September, Apple released its newest phone, the iPhone 8, to much fanfare.  As we’ve often seen, news stories reported people waiting in line to be the first within their circle to get their hands on Apple’s latest creation.  The most inexpensive iPhone 8 starts at $699.  And if that doesn’t satisfy your craving for Apple’s latest, just a month or so from now, Apple is set to release its highly touted iPhone X, pronounced iPhone ten, in case Roman numerals aren’t your thing.  The new iPhone X will be released with a price tag starting at $999!  So just what do you get in a thousand dollar phone?  You get a very good screen that touts being about 700 times clearer than the iPhone 8.  You get wireless charging, longer battery life, and animojis.  I admit, I had to look it up, and found out that an animoji is an animated emoji.

So we’ve progressed from 🙂 to


Now, don’t get me wrong…I love Apple products, and currently have an iPhone, an iPad, and previously several iPods.  And I’m sure at some point down the line, an iPhone X is in my future.

So, what does the iPhone X have to do with senior hunger?

Nothing, if you don’t let it. Everything, if you do.

Did you know that for the cost of the cheapest iPhone X we could feed five hungry seniors hot nutritionally balanced meals for a whole month?  If just two people donated the cost of an iPhone X, we could feed a hungry senior for an entire year!   As I said, at some point, I’ll probably have an iPhone X.  But I think I may hold off on that a little while, and feed a hungry senior instead.

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