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This is 2020


January 2, 2020

This is 2020.  Okay now read that again in your best Hugh Downes or Barbara Walters impersonation. This is my favorite trick of the new year  and one that my family and friends are already tired of hearing.

For me, 2020 seems like some far off date.  It is one of those dates where a younger me thought many of the world’s problems would be solved. We would all be able to jump in our zero-emissions hover craft, fly into work every day without worrying about highway traffic, and hit a magic button in the kitchen that would prepare hot, healthy and tasty meals in an instant.

Well, I woke up this morning with a cold bowl of leftovers for breakfast, stopped by the gas station to fill my tank, and promptly sat in traffic for about an hour on my way to the office.  2020 is not quite like my Jetsons-based fantasy but there is hope and signs of problem solving all around.

While my fresh tasty meal did not arrive with a push of button, over 600 seniors in our community received meals this week with the push of a button—a doorbell. Our Meals on Wheels and group dining programs continue to provide nutrition and social interaction to seniors who are food insecure and homebound or isolated.  Those with pets even get a bag of food to make sure their four-legged companions get a good meal too.

Our buses and vans provide these seniors with transportation to meal sites, medical appointments, and essential trips that keep them healthy when they are no longer able to drive themselves.  In-home care takers and Senior Companion volunteers visit those who need a little help around the house or just someone to talk to on a dreary winter day.  Foster Grandparents are spending time with a new generation providing loving care and improving reading skills that will lead to the future of my dreams.

The problems being solved are not completed by pushing some easy button but by the daily hard work and support of so many.  I am proud that the Senior Resources staff comes to work every day to make the lives of seniors better.  Our volunteers faithfully serve meals and knock on doors to bring smiles to faces.  Public and private partners pitch in to make sure we are maximizing our impact.  And most critically, our donors are doing the vital work of filling in the gaps as the needs of our community far outweigh the resources made available.

This is 2020.

-Andrew Boozer, Executive Director

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