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Small Acts of Kindness Make a Big Difference


November 3, 2015

We were tested on October 5.

As historic flooding occurred around Columbia, we were trying to figure out how to maintain our services to the elderly in our community.  The first thing we needed to do was check on everyone and see how they were doing.  So, we split up the list of the clients who tend to be the most vulnerable — our Meals on Wheels clients — and we called them.  We asked them how they were, if they had food and water, and whether or not they had someone to help them if needed.  It seemed such a simple thing to do.

The next day, I was reminded that simple actions and gestures often mean so much, especially in a time of crisis.  One of our Meals on Wheels clients left a sobbing voice mail.  She was overwhelmed with gratitude that someone had simply called her to see how she was doing.  She didn’t know it, but I was that someone.  When I heard her message, I cried.  My small action had made her day without me knowing it and then her small action made my day without her knowing it.

On October 6, we announced through the media that our Meals on Wheels service was closed, because we weren’t sure what we would be able to do.  However, our caterer delivered some frozen meals to us, and we were able to deliver 800 meals out to our clients.  To give you some perspective, we normally deliver around 230 meals a day, so this was quite an accomplishment!  Everyone was so happy to see us because they thought they weren’t going to get a visit and a meal that day.  Many were overcome with gratitude that someone had shown up to give them meals and ask how they were doing.  Many were even more talkative than usual, wanting to talk about the flooding and how we were able to get to their home.

Senior Resources was indeed tested the week of October 5. However, the heart and soul of the organization shone forth as we were able to deliver a complete weeks’ worth of meals to both our home-delivered and group dining clients.  One of our Meals on Wheels distribution sites remains closed for repairs, but our staff has improvised and has been arranging meals and delivery out of our administrative offices.   Although there were lots of obstacles to overcome resulting from the flooding, what’s really important is that we met the needs of our clients, and all our meal clients were fed.  Now that’s what I call passing a test with flying colors!

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