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One senior on one waiting list is too many


April 11, 2016

Approximately 33,000 seniors live in or near poverty in Richland County.  More than 18% or approximately 18,200 seniors in Richland County are hungry and face food insecurity, and the percentage of seniors experiencing hunger continues to grow each year.

We need your help.

Senior Resources currently has more than 300 seniors on the waiting list for Meals on Wheels, and more than 150 seniors on the waiting list for home care. These services help seniors remain independent in their homes, where they want to be. The waiting lists exist solely because of a lack of funding.

Currently, Richland County funding per senior will not pay for one meal for one senior for one day. In the City of Columbia, the funding per senior is less than 50¢ per senior.

We need your help to change these embarrassing statistics. With just a few minutes, you can help speak out for seniors, the Meals on Wheels program, and other programs that they rely on to remain in their homes.

Call your Richland County and City Council representatives and urge them to eliminate Meals on Wheels and other waiting lists by increasing funding in FY 2017.  Don’t know who your representatives are? Visit these links to find your County Council members and City Council representatives.

Your voice matters, and your influence just may lead to increased funding from the City and County. All seniors in need should have access to nutritious meals, friendly visits and safety checks, and you can make that happen. Tell your elected officials that one senior on one waiting list is one too many.

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