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Measuring Success in 2016


January 5, 2016

Who hasn’t made a New Year’s resolution and then abandoned it by the end of January?  I used to do this a lot when I was younger, but experience has taught me about goals and resolutions. To meet a goal, it needs to be specific, there needs to be a way to measure it, and it needs to be reasonable. For example, I could say that I want to become healthier in 2016. Of course, this could mean many different things, and if I’m not specific about what I mean, then I may feel that I have failed if I don’t reach some undefined goal. Instead, the resolution could be that I want to walk at least 10,000 steps each day, at least five days per week. This is a specific, measurable, and reasonable goal. Specifically defining a goal can help you reach your goal, and feel good about your success!
So, you’re probably wondering how this relates to Senior Resources. For 2016, I also have goals for Senior Resources.  As these goals were developed, I’ve kept in mind the need for goals to be specific, measurable, and reasonable. Some of my goals center on community resources and volunteer engagement. You will be hearing more about these over the coming year. We could not do what we do at Senior Resources without our community and our volunteers.  So it’s important that the community is aware of us and it’s important that our volunteers have a meaningful experience.
Of course, one of my continuing goals is to listen to the voices of those who have something to say about the work of Senior Resources. If you have ideas about Senior Resources, please let me know!  My email is

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