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Holiday cheer


December 2, 2019

A few weeks ago while thumbing through a catalog of Christmas decorations, I had a “perfect” idea:  Senior Resources should get one of those giant inflatable Santa’s driving a convertible and put a Meals on Wheels banner on the bumper.

I ran the idea by a few people.  No one shared my enthusiasm for a giant inflatable Santa in a convertible.  Especially one that would be inches away from one of the busiest streets in Columbia and would also likely block the view of the intersection.  It turns out, my perfect idea was not so perfect after all.

However the sentiment is still true. Each volunteer and staff who drive meals to the doorstep of a senior in need is a daily Santa.  They are Santa who is bringing a gift that is the hard work of many “elves” in the community.  Elves that work every day to provide the resources that make the meal delivery possible.

And these Santas are bringing so much more than a nutritious meal.  They bring the gifts of joy, companionship, belonging, and dignity with every ring of the doorbell (which is much easier than trying to slide down a chimney, maybe the real St. Nick could learn a thing or two from us).

As this Christmas season approaches please join me in thanking everyone who makes Meals on Wheels and all of the programs at Senior Resources possible.  You are bringing joy and happiness into the homes and hearts of every senior we serve and we simply cannot do it without you.

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