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Creating Thankfulness


November 1, 2019

Imagine a nation in turmoil.  Elections are on the horizon.  Poverty and despair creep into every corner of the country.  The economy is on the brink.  Healthcare is not keeping up with the needs of the times.  Lines of immigrants arriving in search of a better life.  Seemingly unceasing warfare.  Families and communities are tearing apart.

These are themes we are likely to hear at any given moment in today’s news cycle.  Yet over one hundred and fifty years ago these were also true as Abraham Lincoln stood up at Gettysburg and declared that the nation take a deep breath and create time for deliberate thankfulness.  Since 1863 when the leaves start to fall and the morning air turns crisp, Americans look to each other and within ourselves to be thankful.

For the seniors in our community thankfulness can look like a lot of things. Many of these items we take for granted every day but for many seniors they cannot be overlooked.  Areas of thankfulness we hear often include:

  • Home – The gift of aging in place provides the ability to stay at home, be safe there, and receive the assistance needed to be independent for as long as possible.
  • Health ­– Even if health is not what it used to be, a healthy body and the ability to manage changes in health makes a big difference in quality of life.
  • Family & Friends– Avoiding isolation and loneliness can often have a dramatic impact on wellbeing.
  • Getting out – Taking a trip to a medical appointment or just across town for a few essential needs ensures seniors have what they need to take quality care of themselves.
  • Pets – A four-legged companion can provide comfort and company in a house that may not have as many family and visitors as it used to.
  • Food – Turkey may be the picture of a Thanksgiving meal, but the true blessing is the ability to have daily nourishment to fuel the body, mind, and spirit.

You can be proud that Senior Resources is helping with each one of these vital senior needs.  Your support provides services to improve the lives of our aging neighbors, services that are deeply valued and very much appreciated.

As you approach the season of thankfulness, I invite you to remember this special group of neighbors.  A few hours volunteering, a donation of pantry goods and pet food, or a financial gift to help fund the most needed services makes all of the difference.  You can create reasons to be thankful both for the person receiving the service and for the one giving it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

-Andrew Boozer, Executive Director

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