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September 7, 2017

The eclipse of August 21 was the buzz of the town for weeks beforehand and for several days afterwards.  Everyone I spoke with who saw the eclipse talked about how amazing it was, and how it made you realize what a small part of this enormous universe we are.  It truly was a magical, awe-inspiring event.

But you don’t have to wait until the next eclipse to be awed or inspired!  All you have to do is visit one of our senior clients and deliver a meal to their home. Each of our clients has their own unique story and many of their tales are fascinating and awe-inspiring.  They have stories of how Columbia used to be, stories of wars, and stories of hardship and perseverance.  Most of them love to tell their stories…they simply need to be asked.  We are steadily losing members of this, The Greatest Generation.  Soon, it will be too late to ask their story.  I invite you to deliver meals to a senior and ask them their story.  And prepare to be inspired!

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