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March 17, 2020

Our government needs to get to work and quickly. Seniors are rightfully scared to leave their homes. Schools are closed and thankfully we have emergency child nutrition plans in place.  Seniors are told not to leave their homes but there are limited plans in place for emergency senior nutrition.

Included in the Coronavirus Emergency Relief Act is $250 million for emergency senior citizen nutrition. It is funding that is desperately needed for the population in the crosshairs of this outbreak.

After days of delays, the House passed this legislation early Saturday morning.  The House again delayed sending the final bill to the Senate to review until late Monday night.  It is unclear if or how long it will take for it to clear the Senate.  If changes are made, it will have to go back to the House.  Then it will need to be signed by the President, which he has stated is his intent.

I have called Senator Graham (202) 224-5972 and Senator Scott (855) 425-6324 to plead with them to take action and approve the bill as written and release these senior nutrition funds as quickly as possible so they can be put to work.

We stand ready to serve more seniors in South Carolina, but we need funding to pay for food and staff.  Please contact your Senators now to encourage them to get this bill passed.

Now is the time for action, every hour of delay is an hour a senior is locked at home and hungry.

Together we can bring dignity to seniors in our community.

Andrew Boozer, Executive Director

Want another way to help?  Donations are needed for the Senior Resources Disaster Relief efforts and can be made online at

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