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A Family Tradition


August 8, 2019

It seems like yesterday that I was sitting in my late grandmother’s dining room, devouring her famous green bean casserole, and listening to her talk about her weekly Meals on Wheels volunteer route. After her retirement and my grandfather’s passing, the meal route was something that she looked forward to and she never missed it. Faithfully every week she would pack up her little white sedan with meals and drive through town to deliver her route.

Like so many volunteers for in-home meal delivery, she always did more than ring the doorbell and hand over a plate. She got to know each person and their story. As she would say it, she looked forward to seeing “her people” as much as those people looked forward to seeing her and the hot meal. As she aged herself, maintaining the route became harder for her, so she recruited helpers to come with her to see her friends. When she had every right to be on the route as a recipient herself, she was still finding ways to make her deliveries.

Many years have passed since she took that route for the last time, but the example that she set sits firmly in my mind. Ever since I accepted the position of Executive Director earlier this summer, I have felt a close connection with her and know that if she were here today she would be thrilled to see me working on a need she cared about so deeply. I have brought a picture of her to my office as inspiration for serving older adults in our communities.

One of the great joys of the first few days on the job is meeting volunteers and staff who exhibit the same passion and giving heart as my grandmother. Senior Resources is blessed by the support of the community and to have a strong team of advocates who are ready to help the largest growing segment of our population.
I give thanks to each of you for dedicating your time, talents, and treasure to make sure that older adults receive the assistance they need to live as independently as they are able, while being treated with respect and dignity as a valued member of our community. I am honored to join you in this work and continue a family tradition.

— by Andrew Boozer, Executive Director

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