Emergency Senior Nutrition Program

Senior Resources has our emergency plan in place to cover our normal client load and we are now working on ways we can expand service during the COVID-19 crisis for seniors.

Funding Request

We are requesting funding to immediately implement an Emergency Senior Nutrition Program to begin as early as next Monday, March 23, and last for at least 8 weeks. We currently have 150 seniors on our waiting list, who have been assessed and need our services, now more than ever. We also have implemented a no assessment policy, so any senior who reaches out to us for help, we will ensure they are provided with adequate food supply. Currently, we are administering food for additional food requests through our Senior Care Pantry, but the goal is to further our reach into the community with dietary approved meals. We will establish drive-thru pick-ups for a fully prepared, week supply of frozen meals in packs of 5 at no cost to any senior in Richland County. Recipients will drive up, give us their name, address, and phone number, and we will hand them 5 sealed trays of a dietary approved nutritious meal. With adequate funding, we will provide services at our main site, 2817 Millwood Avenue, and have a mobile unit that reaches the areas surrounding our current Meals on Wheels routes and a neutral location to reach rural areas in Richland County.

We have strong support from the City of Columbia and Richland County officials to activate this plan. We are quickly assembling a coalition of funding to make this plan a reality.